Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- September 7, 2015

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- September 7, 2015:
The busiest point of the season has passed and now we are looking at the "home stretch" to fall fly fishing in Jackson Hole and the surrounding region. In fact, the weather patterns have shifted in the past two weeks to a more early fall feel, some frosty mornings and blustery afternoon breezes. These conditions have cooled flows nicely and the best activity from the trout is most often mid-late day.
The Snake River in JH is in its prime season as the Annual One Fly Event nears next weekend. Locally, fishing pressure has been high so the trout are often picky on fly choice and presentations need to be spot on. If I was fishing the event I would choose a small mayfly pattern(mahogany) #16 or a small terrestrial(ant) #14 in most sections in Teton Park. Flows here(2200@Moose) are low for the time of year and extremely clear, the trout can be quite spooky in some areas. Hatches are a sparse blend of mahoganies, PMD's and hecuba drakes on cloudy days. Terrestrials are around but the fish are more suspect of any foam, so in my opinion a well placed mayfly gets more eats.
Areas south of JH are low and float fishing is a challenge unless you venture beyond typical floats, here numbers are less but some nice browns lurk. Check wind forecasts so not to be stuck out in upstream white caps with miles to go.

Solid Wyoming bow.
Dave Smith a stick of butter.

A good sign to drag some big bugs!

Drew Cosby on a hog.

Solid Wyoming hybrid!


Jim Baker gets a good one early in the day in GTNP!

Smiles for everyone.

Stunning trout... cannot get enough of this!


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