Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report: October 9, 2015

 The 2015 Guide season is nearly a wrap but great fall fly fishing is still available. The early fall season and post One Fly weather conditions have been quite nice as usual. Later in September we saw crowds drop just enough to ease the fishing pressure and with some nice hatches returning the fishing had some very special moments. Recently our flows have dropped to winter levels and this brings in the final stage of the season until air temps drop below 40 degrees in the afternoon, this could be several weeks away considering afternoon temps are close to 70 degrees lately(a silver lining to climate change perhaps).
Mornings are cool but fishing gets going about 9-10am with wet flies(droppers and streamers), by noon you likely will see trout in riffle zones sipping small BWO's or mahoganies. For now, small terrestrials are still a good bet in the afternoon, especially with a small nymph dropped below.
Enjoy this special time of year!
Matt Lenzen super stoked on this one... sight fishing on the Snake River!
Josh Gallivan ready for the One Fly, finished 1st place in Wyoming Guides.

Desmond Jennings with a gorgeous early fall brown.

Beth Bohl nabs the first fish of the day, 20" rainbow on a dry fly!
Steve Bohl super proud of this 22" rainbow.
Sue Rossi strikes gold again in GTNP.
Cory Lee embracing the Lake Trout that inhabit the Upper Snake River.
Bob Allen getting in on the action before the weather hits.


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