Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- April 11, 2016

Already this year has gotten off to a very nice start and it all began with a little prelude to the season back in February. We had just enough of a bump in the temps to get the fish going for about two weeks but winter returned much of March and gave the fish somewhat a rest as skiers delighted in great winter conditions, fairly rare in March. Since the resort closed on April 3rd very warm conditions have accelerated the spring progression and we are now teetering on full runoff mode a couple weeks early.
My fishing report for Jackson Hole at this time is limited to only the Snake River locally(have not fished anywhere but JH and the Florida Keys).  Here we have had some awesome fishing that is waning some due to murky flows but this should improve by the weekend as a cool front is expected. This change is good as it will give the trout a slight rest and also help get the skwalla stones more in emergence. Late last week I had two trips and we only witnessed the large nymphs and perhaps a couple adults. We did have 6 good eats on the large dry fly mid to late in the day along slower inside runs, fast banks were and will remain a waste of time.
Midges are still the main fare and keep the trout interested most of the day in shallow flats and riffles.  
Lastly, the streamer bite is on! On Saturday we fished Moose to Wilson and as we launched the flows were at about 2' of visibility. The fish were very aggressive to slow, nearly dead drifted streamers in the deepest inside turns and then later we found them much shallower.

Flows on the Snake River are at 1600cfs around Moose. The best floats are from Moose to Hoback. After the Hoback enters flows are muddy, too bad that is good fishing down there and it could be worth chancing, those fish will be looking up and the streamer bite could be incredible!
Snowpack is dropping quick due to the very warm temps but it looks like wet weather is on the way, currently we are holding at 93% of normal.
Hope to see you out there and always remember to take extra care of the trout, they have a long season ahead. Use barbless hooks and keep the trout in or very near the water.
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