Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- June 8, 2016

This post should have been up a couple weeks ago but yet again I have let the awesome spring fishing and other outdoor pursuits get in the way(not to mention work and kids), so I apologize for a delay in reporting current conditions! Often May can be a real drag with snow, rain and high flows. This year we did get some needed rain but flows stayed reasonable due to cold nights and the runoff was slowed dramatically. The lakes have been red hot as well as most area rivers, yet that shifted about 2 weeks ago locally and a little more than a week now on the Green, NF and SF. We are in full blow out mode as most days have neared 80 degrees, in fact runoff sharply increased and may have now peaked on a couple local drainages like Pacific Creek, here flows are dropping and typically this signifies the snow pack is diminished and you can expect fishable conditions on the Snake in 3-4 weeks(less than a month). 
The South Fork is currently in a flush and flows here are nearing 18,000cfs. It is still fishable but be very careful, recently saw trees floating by. With high flows try checking out flooded grass bars with worms and streamers, some of the best SF guides do quite well with flood flows. As for me, give me a lake any day in May or June and I am happy. Jackson lake has been outstanding and the views are remarkable. Lewis and Yellowstone Lakes have really turned on this past week with the opener on the 28th. The thing about lakes for me is simply sight casting to nearly all my fish, thats it. For me that is the pinnacle fishing scenario with a fly rod. 
May on Jackson Lake
Currently we are fishing the dam to Pacific Creek stretch of the Snake with pretty darn good dry fly fishing, also the Firehole River has been quite nice with caddis and pmd's. And like I said, Lewis and Yellowstone lakes are very tough to beat if you are a decent caster, look us up and come get the Cutty of a lifetime on Yellowstone Lake!

Neil Chamberlin with a nice Jackson Lake brownie
Josh Gallivan with a typical Jackson Lake mackinaw

Here is a quick run down of my trout smoking technique, feel free to try or pass along your tips...
Cleaning this lake trout I found 40 small sculpins

Ready for the dry rub and brine

24hrs in the fridge

On the smoker for 5-6 hrs at 180 degrees



  1. A very nice tip! Thank you for sharing this with us. I love the way how you cooked the fishing. It looks like yummy.

  2. Oh goodness, the venue is captivating and fishes in Jackson Hole are incredible!

  3. I can sense that you had an amazing experience.

  4. Jackson Lake brownie looks incredible.


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