Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- July 4th, 2016

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report- July 4th, 2016:
Since early in June things have turned around significantly and peak river season is on nearly everywhere. It is safe to say almost every drainage has good fishing to explore... ahh, early summer!!
Locally the Snake River turned around about ten days ago, about 3 weeks early(this could hurt us late in the summer but fortunately the reservoirs are full, all good there).
Flows are a bit high but nice and clear and fish are responding to dry flies well. I like a variety of attractors, parachutes and nymph droppers on hand. 
South of Jackson is very good with drakes, caddis and sallies but the crowds are beginning to find the region. Big crowds are going to be everywhere this weekend so anticipate it and you will not blow your top, South Fork yesterday was a boat about every 10 minutes. There we had decent riffle fishing on PMD's after about 1pm. 
Here are some highlights from the last couple weeks... Look us up!

Father's Day adventures on Leigh Lake
Henry's Fork Marathon with Jeff Currier, Granny and Mark Kuhn
8am start, walk to Osbourne bridge from the log jam.
Few brown drakes and wind were our biggest challenges.
Jeff Currier with the day's best.

June 21st, Summer Solstice, 8am to 10pm, 14hrs, 12miles of river.
Grey Drakes from the Green River area, spinners hit the water around 11am on a warm day.


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